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The Yahoo! folks added a new Save to My Web feature – it’s offered via javascript. I previously had a “post to My Web”, along with something similar for Layla Bettie Page Heeled Sandal Women's Yellow BP300 OvAvqt4wand digg. It was somewhat of a hack because I couldn’t quite figure out the syntax from the My Web page.

With this ‘new’ feature, I took a peak at their javascript and then pulled out the relevant portion (i.e., I didn’t want their button and all the extra stuff). If you have WordPress, it’s rather easy to implement using the < ?php the_title()?>Heels Beige Pointed Lucy Women's Back Riverberry Python Toe Sling Pump Stiletto 8Bw6q and < ?php the_permalink()?> template tags. You can grab the exact code I’ve used by viewing this file.

I’d been bothering Casual Breed Your Choose Women's Shoetup Print Maltese Shoes Running Sneakers Dog qtAgZ for this feature in BlinkList for quite some time (in fact, that was how I first ‘met’ Mike on the Informatoin Superhighway). Previously, in order for someone to blink into their BlinkList, the bookmarklet included the user’s unique ID. It made creating a ‘blink it’ or ‘save to BlinkList’ impossible to implement until they changed their approach (if I had implemented it, everyone would have been blinking into my BlinkList).

Their new bookmarklets use cookies to determine what ID is logged into BlinkList. With that in mind, I’ve been able to put a ‘post to BlinkList’ up as well. For WordPress users, you can get that code here. Mike also Granada Flat by JBU Women's Jane Solid Charcoal Jambu Mary qtRxAfO about it, including code to implement this feature on Boots C2907 Corral Womens Boots Tan Corral qPnUzxT4.

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Finally, if you been enjoying my coverage of Web 2.0, I’d ask that you blink my site into the ‘web 2.0 blogs’ tag. You can do that on my sidebar under the “GET SOCIAL” area. And of course, if you haven’t started blinking yet, I highly encourage you to do so!

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