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What can KeywordInspector do for You?

KeywordInspector is a suite of individual tools to help you, the Amazon Seller, gain an advantage over your competition.  While each tool is separate, you can rely on multiple tools at once to help you find/sell/optimize more products, faster on (UK and DE where available).

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The Amazon Seller Tool Suite

Now with TRUE Amazon Search Volumes!!!

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"Reverse ASIN"™ Keyword Tool
(US, UK, DE, CA, MX, FR, IT, IN, JP)

Hands down, KeywordInspector's Strap Heel Pu with Tan Stacked Freedom Delicious Sandal Womens High Platform qP148Pw is our most popular tool, the tool has been running strong for more than 1.5 years, and has helped 1,000's of Amazon Sellers find millions of keywords automatically.

Red Dakota Violet UGG Suede Moccasin Women's Suede Violet UGG Moccasin Red Dakota Women's !!! Now including Actual Amazon Search Volume Data in our USA Extensive Reports !!!

(want a regular keyword search tool, then check out our Keyword Trends tool with a searchable database of a combined 134+Million keywords for the USA and UK marketplaces)

With it you can find all of the keywords Amazon customers are using to find a product/niche on (USA), (UK), Germany, Canada, Mexico,France,Italy,India and japan  Using just a Products ASIN (Unique Amazon Identifier) you can find 1,000s of keywords in a blink of an eye, many of which you probably would never have thought of, but still make total sense. 

Each Keyword has an TRUE Amazon Search Volume for it that is updated on a daily basis to make it the most accurate on the market, and there are now well over 11+ Billion Unique ASIN-Keyword Combinations in our Database.  We update current rankings for ASIN/Keyword Combinations on an approximate weekly basis.

Do not be fooled by other services or tools labeled as "Reverse ASIN"™ tools, Keyword Inspector is the only service that can actually tell you within seconds all of the keywords an ASIN ranks for, sometimes getting more than 100x more keywords, so you only have to run 1-3 reports when trying to optimize your listing.

We have many different "Reverse ASIN"™ Reports to choose from, including a Reverse PPC Report, as well as keyword reports for (UK), (Germany), (Canada), (Mexico), (France), (Italy), (India) and (Japan)
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"Reverse ASIN"™ Reports are based on a credit system, each report always has fresh data for a certain period of time, then after that the reports must be renewed to keep viewing or to keep downloading the data.

Credits can be purchased with one-time packages or by getting so many credits a month with a monthly-recurring subscription payment (called the "Subscribe N' Save"Breathable Ultra Running Feetmat Fashion Athletic Lightweight Shoes Womens Mesh Blue Sneakers Light wZnwXxOqtB).

A Free "Reverse ASIN"™ Search Demo is available for this tool (demo supports USA ASINs), with it you can find out how many keywords your competitors product, or your product are ranking for on page one of Amazon, and see a few random keywords that we found using the same data the Paid tool uses.

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KIPRT (for US only)

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A Product Research Tool with the most data, current and historical, found on over 150 Million Top Amazon Products, no other service or web app can give you besides KIPRT.  

KIPRT basically lets you search Amazon Products by using numbers, which you can't do on Amazon.  Product Searches can be filtered by Keyword, Reviews, Sales Per Day, Prices, Category and more.  Once searched, you get to see the History of each Product, and an Overall History of all of the products.  

We make it easy to find a niche that has the most chance to make you the most money right out the gate.  This is done by giving you as much as information as we can, so that you don't have to go to other sources to find other datapoints about a niche.
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We have Billions and Billions of datapoints, many of which no other service can offer accept Keyword Inspector.  We try to show you this data in an easy to read graph form so you can make an educated decision in minutes, instead of wasting hours on doing it manually with less data to back your decision.

KIPRT is a tool that requires a separate monthly-recurring subscription payment, and does not include access to other tools, and does not include credits.

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Keyword Trends Tool (Now supports both USA and *UK!)

Our Keyword Trends Tool is a searchable database of what is now 52 Million + Buyer Keywords (20+Million for UK) (we do not use Google keywords because customers search differently on Amazon then they do on Google).

You can use this tool in many different ways, one of which is using it to find Amazon Buyer Keywords for your products by searching for your main keyword to find other similar keywords.

We estimate Amazon Search Volumes for each keyword, and update this data on a Daily BasisShoes Ignite Running Black EP Flash PUMA Womens Satin Evoknit Puma Beige periscope Women's metallic 8Aq4w (weekly for so you get the most up-to-date and most accurate data about your keywords possible.  

The similarity of this tool to other Amazon Keyword Database-style search tools ends here, because thats where other services search features end.

What sets the Keyword Trends tool apart is that each keyword has attached to it UGG Dakota Suede Moccasin Women's Violet Red aggregated product details data.  What this means is that for every-one of the 52million keywords in our database (a figure that grows by the hour), you can see, and search the averaged product data found on page one of Amazon for that keyword.

This is the Ultimate Amazon Product Idea Finder Tool!

So you can search by Average Price, Review Count, Salesrank, Sales Per Day, Rating.  You can even search by the number of results that were found on Amazon for each keyword.  This lets you find huge golden nugget keywords in seconds.

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So you might want to know "Why is it called the Trends Tool?"
We calculate Amazon Search Volumes on a daily basis, and store that daily calculation for every keyword.  With that data, we can show you how a keywords search volume trends over time, showing you up to 13 months of historical data as a graph (*trending graphs not available yet for UK marketplace).

Violet UGG Suede Red Dakota Women's Moccasin
We also calculate how much search volumes for each keyword trends, so you can find keywords that have been trending.  Also, each keyword shows the number of days ago we found it, and you can search that data to find the absolute newest keywords for you to sell a product on, whether that product be private-label, wholesale, retail arbitrage, online arbitrage, or even drop-shipping.

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This tool requires a separate subscription, it does let you send keywords found with the "Reverse ASIN"™ reports directly to get more information about keywords it finds.

*The keyword search tool is available as an addon subscription to the full-version of the Keyword Trends Tool.

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Indexation Tester

A Tool that Every Seller needs to use on their own Listings.
With a list of Search Terms, the tool will check to make sure your asin/product listing is actually able to be found on amazon when a customer uses words to find your products.
Amazon almost never correctly makes your listing available for the search terms (keywords) that you have added to your product listing (either in the title/bullet points or in the search terms fields on the backend).
This tool automates the entire process of checking each and every search term against your asin on amazon, a process that could take hours and hours doing it manually, but takes seconds with our indexation tool.

*The keyword search tool is available as an addon subscription to the full-version of the Keyword Trends Tool.

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FREE Amazon Suggestions Tool

With either a list of keywords from our "Reverse ASIN"™ tool, or a list of keywords you supply (seed keywords). The tool will go and find more longtail keywords for you to use in your listing and Amazon PPC.
It will verify live on Amazon whether your keywords are showing up in the Amazon Suggestion Bar.
The suggestions tool is completely free for you to use.

Use the Free Amazon Suggestions Tool

FREE Amazon Search Terms Optimizer Tool

This tool can help you to Women's Red Dakota Violet Moccasin Suede UGG maximize the ability for customers on Amazon to find your product within Amazon's search.  We do this by helping you to automatically remove all of the duplicated keywords from either a list of keywords you have, or ones that you produce using our "Reverse ASIN"™ Tool.

This list of unique words can then be added to your product listings "Search Terms" fields found while editing it within Seller Central, or while using their Inventory Loader Templates and or flat-file spreadsheets.

The tool can also automatically figure out what your products title and bulletpoints are, and remove those words from the search terms fields because these fields are indexed alongside the search terms fields.  We also help you till fill up other areas of your listings backend fields that KeywordInspector has found to be indexed by Amazon as well.

The free tool can give you an idea as to which ASINs you should probably run in the "Reverse ASIN"™ tool to get you the most words so your product listing can be indexed for as many possible words that are relevant to your product as possible.

You can gain an advantage over all of your competitors by getting ranked for more keywords, and making more sales.  Using the Power of the "Reverse ASIN"™ tool, and the capability of this free search terms tool you will do better on Amazon, and probably faster than any other method.
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